Rouge Loop 2 Mari OtaPhoto: Kenji Agata

岸壁の父母 Mom and Dad on the Cliff

Mom and Dad
on the Cliff


Mom and Dad on the Cliff is pleased to present two young artists, Murata Mineki and Ota Mari, for its first exhibition. Both artists utilize their own bodies in diverse forms of expressions. In his guerrilla-style performances, Murata overuses his own body while also having a strong impact on the viewers through conveying bodily sensations that cannot be verbalized. He also exhibits the vestiges of those actions in the form of a drawing, sculpture and installation work. In her performances, Ota deviates from an ordinary sense of life via the repeating of trivial and common actions. Her performances can also be seen as similar to oppressive dreams. On the other hand, the images in Ota’s recent drawings have gained depth, more so than in her former works. During the entire last year, she traveled around European countries, including Poland and Germany, and gained popularity from the performances and exhibitions she held.


2014年8月1日[金] – 18日[月] 

12:00 – 19:00 無休





19:00 村田峰紀 パフォーマンス


18:30 村田峰紀+太田麻里 コラボ・パフォーマンス


18:30 太田麻里 パフォーマンス

19:00 太田麻里 トークセッション